eSurface® Technologies Signs Agreement with Industrial Design Firm to Alter the Wearable Tech Landscape

Business Wire: eSurface Licenses IP Technology to Designfunhouse in Development of New Breed of Wearable Technology

CARLSBAD, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–eSurface® Technologies (DBA of EarthOne Circuit Technologies Corporation, a privately-held corporation), the creator and licensor of the eSurface proprietary patented technology for applied conductive materials, today announced the licensing of its technology to industrial design firm Designfunhouse in the development of the eSurface “Angel,” a new generation of wearable technology; the agreement is effective immediately.

Fully Automated Plating Line

During the second half of 2011 Murrietta Circuits will be bringing online our new electro-less and copper plating line, with reverse pulse rectifiers for high aspect ratio plating. This new line will substantially increase our pwb plating capabilities (and capacity) to keep us up to date with today’s high density and blind & buried via technology.

NADCAP Certification

Murrietta Circuits is pleased to announce NADCAP certification through PRI. This certification enhances our extensive quality system and is complimentary to our AS9100 & ISO systems. With annual audits from PRI and semi-annual audits by UL for our AS9100 system. Our customers can be sure that Murrietta Circuits maintains a very robust quality system and procedures to be able to handle the most stringent high-reliability applications.

ITAR Registration and Comsec Clearance

Murrietta Circuits is also pleased to announce the renewal of our annual ITAR registration and compliance with the government’s E-Verification system. In addition, we continue to maintain our Comsec clearance through the National Security Agency (NSA) for handling sensitive communication security devices.


Murrietta Circuits has added the J-STD-001D specification for Space Applications & Electronic Hardware to it J-Standard approvals. Our Director of Engineering & Quality is a certified J-Standard instructor and performs hands-on training and certification for all internal personnel who work on our various programs.

Murrietta Receives Sandia National Laboratories Award

Andrew Murrietta, vice president sales & marketing and co-owner of Murrietta Circuits, announced recently that his company won a Supplier Performance award from Sandia National Laboratories 10th Annual Production supplier conference for Weapons Engineering and Product Realization. The conference whose theme was “Defying Obstacles” was held last fall to allow Sandia to recognize their suppliers and thank them for their valuable service over the last year.

Murrietta, who did a presentation at the event on the challenges and trends in high-reliability electronics and the circuit board industry in particular, commented, “We consider it a great honor to work with an organization as dedicated to the National Security of this country, as Sandia National Laboratories. Working with them offers us a unique insight into the hard work and dedication this organization has done over many decades, and thousands of scientist, engineers and other employees, who have spent their entire lives working to help provide for our national security. I am especially grateful for them taking the time to give us this award and allowing us the time to present at their conference. We consider it our privilege to be part of their supplier base. They are exactly the kind of customer we are designed to serve.”

Murrietta Appoints D.B. Management Group

Andrew Murrietta, CFO and co-owner of Murrietta Circuits, has announced the appointment of D.B. Management Group L.L.C. to help his company with its sales and marketing effort.

Commenting on the signing, Murrietta said, “Our company stands poised to really make a significant impact in our market and we felt that signing up with someone of Dan’s experience would be the right thing to do. He can help us develop our brand and get our story out.”

“I love the idea of Murrietta Circuit’s total integrated solution where they offer a complete package of design, fabrication, and assembly of printed circuit boards all under one roof. I believe that this represents a forward-thinking product solution, something the PCB customer base is looking for at this time and I am excited to have the opportunity to help them get this story out,” added Beaulieu.

Murrietta Circuits Achieves NADCAP Certification

Andrew Murrietta, CFO and co-owner of Murrietta Circuits, announced recently that his company has achieved NADCAP certification for printed circuit board manufacturing and assembly through PRI.

When making the announcement, Murrietta said, “This certification enhances our extensive quality system and is complementary to our AS9100 systems. With annual audits from PRI and semi-annual audits by UL for our AS9100 system. Our customers can be sure that Murrietta Circuits maintains a very robust quality system and procedures to be able to handle the most stringent high-reliability applications.”

“We are very proud of this accomplishment as it represents a great deal of hard work by all of our associates here at Murrietta, especially our quality team. I want to thank everyone for making this possible. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality most reliable products available today, adding NADCAP to a long list of qualifications and certifications is a testament to that making that goal a reality,” he added.

Ray Young Joins Murrietta Circuits as Mfg Manager

Andrew Murrietta CFO and co-owner of Murrietta Circuits has announced the appointment of industry veteran Ray Young to the position of manufacturing manager for the PCB manufacturing facility. In his new position Young will have complete responsibility and authority over the PCB manufacturing facility; including personnel, equipment, processes, outside services and materials, and financial performance.

“We are very pleased to have found someone with Ray’s knowledge and experience to handle our fabrication business. We feel very confident that he is going to be able to play an important part in our company’s PCB manufacturing, which is of course a vital component to proving the best integrated solution on the market today,” said Murrietta

Added Young, “I am very excited about this opportunity. It is refreshing to be working with a company that is so dedicated to understanding and meeting their customers’ needs. I love being able to do the right things to make our customers happy.”

Prior to coming to Murrietta Circuits, Young has held key positions at a number of high technical PCB fabricators including Sanmina and Advanced Circuits. He is considered one of the industry’s leading experts when it comes to the manufacturing of PCBs.

Murrietta Circuits Invests in New Plating Facility

Murrietta Circuits, a turnkey supplier of electronic manufacturing services based in Anaheim, Calif., has installed a new IPS (Integrated Process Systems) plating line that includes DC tanks as well as pulse plating tanks with rectifiers from Baker Technology Associates, Inc. This system will allow Murrietta Circuits to perform high aspect ratio plating up to 15-1. In addition, the company purchased a new Plasma Etch System (MKII) for etch-back and de-smear, and a Chemcut high-pressure deburr machine. In this upgrade, Murrietta also set up an entirely new waste treatment system with fume scrubbers.

Back in 2011, Murrietta Circuits announced plans to start-up a new electroless copper plating line, with reverse pulse rectifiers for high aspect ratio plating. The move was designed to increase its pwb plating capabilities—and capacity—to keep up to date with today’s high density and blind and buried via technology. “This has been a long time coming,” said Albert Murrietta’s co-owner and vice president of manufacturing. “In the past we have been focused on our assembly operations, which is a significant part of our Integrated Solutions offering. In fact, our assembly business has grown by 450% in recent years. So now it was time to beef up our manufacturing facility. With the investment in a new plating line and other equipment, we now are able to handle all of our customers’ needs, including military and aerospace as well as high tech commercial work, giving us a true Integrated Solutions (design, manufacturing and assembly) offering.”

Ray Young, Murrietta’s manufacturing facility general manager, said: “This is now one of the finest manufacturing facilities that I have ever worked in. It is very well designed and equipped so that we can provide our customers with everything they need for their individual PCB needs as well as their complete Integrated Solutions needs.”

Murrietta Circuits Offers Re-Tinning Services

Albert co-owner and Operations Manager at Murrietta Circuits announced recently that his company offers an entire menu of Re-Tinning capabilities.

Demand for re-tinning has increased significantly due to the obsolescence of leaded components which has caused a number of challenges in the assembly of printed circuit boards including tin whiskers, inferior solder joint quality on lead free components and issues with BGA stamina. In order to help their customers solve these issues, Murrietta Circuits has developed a number of special services including:

  • Component Re-Soldering
  • Termination finish change over
  • Lead free to leaded solder
  • Gold leads to leaded solder
  • Tin whisker mitigation
  • Improved solderability
  • Microscope and XRF validation
  • Component re-taping
  • BGA re-balling

When asked about the advantages of using Murrietta Circuits to solve these issues, Albert stated, “There are a couple of very good reasons to use our company to handle these lead-free challenges. First of all we have been doing this for a number of customers over the years. So even though we are announcing our Re-Tinning services at this time, we have been providing them for many years making us one of the most experienced Re-Tinning companies in the country. And second because our system is automated, we use the Kiss LTS 200 which was specifically created to provide an automated method for re-tinning all types of components. Specialized fixturing is required for some devices, but it provides consistency and quality. By using automated equipment we insure repeatability, consistent quality in production quantities as well as various part sizes and package types. Our machine can handle IC’s, Connectors, Caps and Resistors as well as various other package configurations through custom tooling and fixturing.”

Murrietta Achieves Raytheon Four Star Supplier

Andrew Murrietta CFO and co- owner of Murrietta Circuits announced recently that his company has been recognized by Raytheon Company’s Integrated Defense Systems as a Four Star Supplier during the annual 2012 Operational Excellence and Mission Assurance Supplier Conference which was held Raytheon’s facility in Andover, Massachusetts.

Raytheon’s Annual Supplier Awards program is a way to applaud suppliers who have provided outstanding service, and dedicated partnership. The award is based on certain criteria, including overall Quality, on-time delivery and commitment to continuous improvement.

Murrietta’s Raytheon Account Manager Sharon Waddell and Director of Quality Dan Engler attended the ceremony and accepted the award on behalf of Murrietta Circuits. She later commented, “This recognition is so important to all of us here at Murrietta because it acknowledges all of the hard work and dedication that our work force puts into making sure that all of our customers are well taken care of. I was thrilled to be able to accept this award on behalf of all of our 95 people that make up the Murrietta team.”

Adding to this Andrew Murrietta said, “It feels so good to be recognized for the work we try to do for all of our customers. All of our people here work hard and give 100% to make sure that our customers are satisfied. I can assure you that this recognition as a Four Star Supplier is something that we take very seriously and are very grateful to Raytheon for this acknowledgement.”

Murrietta Circuits Recognized as a Raytheon Four Star Supplier

Environmental Testing Now Offered by Murrietta Circuits

Albert Murrietta, COO and co-owner of Murrietta Circuits has announced that his company now provides environmental testing services for a wide range of products and applications, including thermal cycling and vibration testing.The thermal cycling services are now performed in-house with the recent acquisition of a thermal cycling test chamber from Russells Technical Products.

A Talk with Murrietta Circuits

Andrew Murrietta, CEO of Murrietta Circuits, talks about his company’s integrated solution, design manufacturing, and assembly all under one roof — making it easier than ever for innovators to get their new products to market using only one company.

Murrietta Provides Boards on Mind-Controlled Robotic Arm

Andrew Murrietta, CEO and co-owner of Murrietta Circuits, announced his company has provided high-density rigid-flex circuit boards for an experimental medical device that can be implanted in the human brain and used to control a prosthetic arm, purely by the thoughts of the patient. This breakthrough technology was recently featured in a segment on CBS News’ 60 Minutes.

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