Murrietta Circuits Offers Re-Tinning Services

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Albert co-owner and Operations Manager at Murrietta Circuits announced recently that his company offers an entire menu of Re-Tinning capabilities.

Demand for re-tinning has increased significantly due to the obsolescence of leaded components which has caused a number of challenges in the assembly of printed circuit boards including tin whiskers, inferior solder joint quality on lead free components and issues with BGA stamina. In order to help their customers solve these issues, Murrietta Circuits has developed a number of special services including:

  • Component Re-Soldering
  • Termination finish change over
  • Lead free to leaded solder
  • Gold leads to leaded solder
  • Tin whisker mitigation
  • Improved solderability
  • Microscope and XRF validation
  • Component re-taping
  • BGA re-balling

When asked about the advantages of using Murrietta Circuits to solve these issues, Albert stated, “There are a couple of very good reasons to use our company to handle these lead-free challenges. First of all we have been doing this for a number of customers over the years. So even though we are announcing our Re-Tinning services at this time, we have been providing them for many years making us one of the most experienced Re-Tinning companies in the country. And second because our system is automated, we use the Kiss LTS 200 which was specifically created to provide an automated method for re-tinning all types of components. Specialized fixturing is required for some devices, but it provides consistency and quality. By using automated equipment we insure repeatability, consistent quality in production quantities as well as various part sizes and package types. Our machine can handle IC’s, Connectors, Caps and Resistors as well as various other package configurations through custom tooling and fixturing.”

Murrietta Achieves Raytheon Four Star Supplier

Andrew Murrietta CFO and co- owner of Murrietta Circuits announced recently that his company has been recognized by Raytheon Company’s Integrated Defense Systems as a Four Star Supplier during the annual 2012 Operational Excellence and Mission Assurance Supplier Conference which was held Raytheon’s facility in Andover, Massachusetts.

Raytheon’s Annual Supplier Awards program is a way to applaud suppliers who have provided outstanding service, and dedicated partnership. The award is based on certain criteria, including overall Quality, on-time delivery and commitment to continuous improvement.

Murrietta’s Raytheon Account Manager Sharon Waddell and Director of Quality Dan Engler attended the ceremony and accepted the award on behalf of Murrietta Circuits. She later commented, “This recognition is so important to all of us here at Murrietta because it acknowledges all of the hard work and dedication that our work force puts into making sure that all of our customers are well taken care of. I was thrilled to be able to accept this award on behalf of all of our 95 people that make up the Murrietta team.”

Adding to this Andrew Murrietta said, “It feels so good to be recognized for the work we try to do for all of our customers. All of our people here work hard and give 100% to make sure that our customers are satisfied. I can assure you that this recognition as a Four Star Supplier is something that we take very seriously and are very grateful to Raytheon for this acknowledgement.”

Murrietta Circuits Recognized as a Raytheon Four Star Supplier

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