Murrietta Receives Sandia National Laboratories Award

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Andrew Murrietta, vice president sales & marketing and co-owner of Murrietta Circuits, announced recently that his company won a Supplier Performance award from Sandia National Laboratories 10th Annual Production supplier conference for Weapons Engineering and Product Realization. The conference whose theme was “Defying Obstacles” was held last fall to allow Sandia to recognize their suppliers and thank them for their valuable service over the last year.

Murrietta, who did a presentation at the event on the challenges and trends in high-reliability electronics and the circuit board industry in particular, commented, “We consider it a great honor to work with an organization as dedicated to the National Security of this country, as Sandia National Laboratories. Working with them offers us a unique insight into the hard work and dedication this organization has done over many decades, and thousands of scientist, engineers and other employees, who have spent their entire lives working to help provide for our national security. I am especially grateful for them taking the time to give us this award and allowing us the time to present at their conference. We consider it our privilege to be part of their supplier base. They are exactly the kind of customer we are designed to serve.”

Murrietta Appoints D.B. Management Group

Andrew Murrietta, CFO and co-owner of Murrietta Circuits, has announced the appointment of D.B. Management Group L.L.C. to help his company with its sales and marketing effort.

Commenting on the signing, Murrietta said, “Our company stands poised to really make a significant impact in our market and we felt that signing up with someone of Dan’s experience would be the right thing to do. He can help us develop our brand and get our story out.”

“I love the idea of Murrietta Circuit’s total integrated solution where they offer a complete package of design, fabrication, and assembly of printed circuit boards all under one roof. I believe that this represents a forward-thinking product solution, something the PCB customer base is looking for at this time and I am excited to have the opportunity to help them get this story out,” added Beaulieu.

Murrietta Circuits Achieves NADCAP Certification

Andrew Murrietta, CFO and co-owner of Murrietta Circuits, announced recently that his company has achieved NADCAP certification for printed circuit board manufacturing and assembly through PRI.

When making the announcement, Murrietta said, “This certification enhances our extensive quality system and is complementary to our AS9100 systems. With annual audits from PRI and semi-annual audits by UL for our AS9100 system. Our customers can be sure that Murrietta Circuits maintains a very robust quality system and procedures to be able to handle the most stringent high-reliability applications.”

“We are very proud of this accomplishment as it represents a great deal of hard work by all of our associates here at Murrietta, especially our quality team. I want to thank everyone for making this possible. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality most reliable products available today, adding NADCAP to a long list of qualifications and certifications is a testament to that making that goal a reality,” he added.

Ray Young Joins Murrietta Circuits as Mfg Manager

Andrew Murrietta CFO and co-owner of Murrietta Circuits has announced the appointment of industry veteran Ray Young to the position of manufacturing manager for the PCB manufacturing facility. In his new position Young will have complete responsibility and authority over the PCB manufacturing facility; including personnel, equipment, processes, outside services and materials, and financial performance.

“We are very pleased to have found someone with Ray’s knowledge and experience to handle our fabrication business. We feel very confident that he is going to be able to play an important part in our company’s PCB manufacturing, which is of course a vital component to proving the best integrated solution on the market today,” said Murrietta

Added Young, “I am very excited about this opportunity. It is refreshing to be working with a company that is so dedicated to understanding and meeting their customers’ needs. I love being able to do the right things to make our customers happy.”

Prior to coming to Murrietta Circuits, Young has held key positions at a number of high technical PCB fabricators including Sanmina and Advanced Circuits. He is considered one of the industry’s leading experts when it comes to the manufacturing of PCBs.

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