PCB Prototype Design & Variations: Integrated Solutions at Murrietta Circuits

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Prior to a full-scale manufacturing production run, the senior designers in Murrietta’s PCB prototype design group can produce a variety of board prototypes in order to streamline the production processes involved in manufacturing the final product. PCB prototypes are a valuable tool in the circuit design process and fall into several variations.

  • Proof of Concept- This prototype variation is used to verify the functionality and reliability of a particular circuit design. Proof of concept prototypes may not include the total functionality required for the final product, with focus falling primarily on the feasibility of newly designed individual circuits.
  • Visual Model- A graphic representation of the physical design, the visual model adheres to all design specifications but is not a working model.
  • Working Prototype- This prototype includes all the functionality which will be required in the final product. Once satisfactory circuit function has been achieved the design might be further refined for optimal cost efficiency and quality control throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Functioning Prototype- The functioning prototype is the first complete model of the final product including all of the characteristics and functionality required. At Murrietta, our expert design group works closely with our in-house manufacturing team to ensure that functioning prototypes are completely compatible with the manufacturing conditions which we will use for the final production run of the product.

PCB Prototype Design For Manufacturing (DFM) Solutions at Murrietta

The senior PCB designers on our prototype design team don’t need to consult with potential outside manufacturing resources about design parameters and limitations. At Murrietta, our own in-house manufacturing processes are an integrated component of the prototype design from step one. Some manufacturers rely on prototype development techniques which may differ distinctly from the mass production process for the final PCB product. Assembly in a specialized quick turnaround prototype shop doesn’t account for the actual production manufacturing environment. This can open the door to unforeseen complications and require costly rework further down the production line due to variations in materials or manufacturing conditions. At Murrietta everything from the initial PCB concept to final product shipping is accomplished entirely in-house, using our time-tested and proven Design For Manufacturing process. With our highly experienced design, engineering, and manufacturing teams all collaborating together under one roof our customers save money by avoiding unanticipated production problems. The Latest Cutting-Edge Software Tools Available for PCB Prototype Design At Murrietta, we combine 30 years of PCB design and manufacturing experience with the latest cutting-edge software available.

  • Mentor Graphics Expedition
  • Altium
  • Pads
  • OrCAD
  • OrCAD Spice
  • Solidworks
  • CircuitWorks

These high-end design software tools enable us to ensure adherence to standards and alert our designers to any obvious errors in circuit design. Early validation of the design concept ensures a smooth progression through the project development process. Most importantly we are able to detect any errors or potential difficulties early on in the prototype phase, long before actual fabrication, thereby avoiding expensive changes and rework once production has commenced.

Beyond the Prototype

At Murrietta Circuits our customers can rely on us for the full range of electronic design and engineering solutions. We’ll be with you every step of the way from design, to prototype, to shipping of the final product. Services include hardware design, component selection, BOM construction, schematic capture, and simulation. Our mechanical engineering services include complete box build solutions. 3D modeling and simulations are derived from Solidworks and CircuitWorks. Full 3D rendering allows our customers to see exactly how a complete system fits together both mechanically and dimensionally. CircuitWorks also gives us 3D circuit board modeling capability, and we can even provide detailed assembly and simulation and animation to show you exactly what to expect from the Murrietta Design For Manufacturing solution. At Murrietta Circuits, we’ve been providing high-reliability circuit boards for the Military/Aerospace, Medical and Industrial Electronics Industries among many others since our company was established in 1980. We’d be pleased to combine our experience and the latest cutting-edge technology for your new PCB prototype or electronic product, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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