A turnkey supplier of Electronic PCB Manufacturing Services

PCB Manufacturing

imgMurrietta Circuits continues to evolve with the ever-changing technology demands of our customers. Our PCB manufacturing facility is geared to handle the most complex circuit board requirements, equipped with automated machinery to handle high layer count, thin core, HDI, flex and rigid-flex technologies.

Each new product design is thoroughly analyzed through our Genesis DFM software to ensure manufacturability before starting the job. Murrietta Circuits is committed to quickly turning products with the highest regard for the quality of the finished product.

PCB Manufacturing Services

  • 2-30 Layers
  • Blind & Buried Vias
  • Flex, Rigid-Flex
  • Isola, Arlon, Ventec, Rogers, Panasonic, Dupont
  • FR4, Polyimide, Lead-Free FR4, Teflon, Ceramic, High Speed / Low Loss
  • High-Density Interconnect Technology (HDI)
  • Impedance Analysis
  • Micro Vias
  • Prototype through Production
  • Quick Turn
  • RoHS (Lead-Free)
  • Via Fill, (Conductive & Non-Conductive)
  • MIL-PRF-31032
  • IPC 6012 Class II & III Space Addendum
  • IPC-6013 Class II & III

Key Equipment

  • 4-Opening TMP Vacuum Press w/High Temp Capabilities
  • Chemcut XLI Alkaline Etch and Tin Strip Line
  • Chemcut XLI-30 Cupric Etch DES Line (with thin core transport)
  • CIMS Galaxy 25um AOI System
  • Copper Pulse Plating Tanks
  • Orbotech 8800 Laser Direct Imager (LDI)
  • Schmoll MX-1 Drill/Router w/ Camera System (Microvia Drilling Capabilities)
  • Orbotech Genesis CAM Software
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